How to choose the best furniture

Look for furniture that is ample in size. To see if the seating space in a chair is roomy, park yourself in it.

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Try to lift the chair you like and see how it feels. A good quality chair, table, sofa, or chaise will have more raw materials including springs, frame, and cushion; such pieces are usually heavier than average quality models.

Observe the finish
The piece should have a rich and deep finish or paint that hasn’t been applied to cover flaws. A translucent finish would ideally be even and the wood’s grain would show through. An opaque finish will again have even consistency sans any bubbles or remnants of brush strokes. As for items made from wicker and rattan, they won’t have any splinters or loose ends, while the weaves will be uniform.

Mind the cushions
The perfect cushion is neat, has well-defined corners if angular or curves if rounded, comes with buttons and detailing that are rock solid, and inconspicuous seams. Other key elements of quality cushions are plump contours; a squashed cushion is a sign of inadequate stuffing. A cushion that leaks feathers has not been properly sewn and lined.

Turn the piece over
Lift the furniture or look beneath the surface to gauge its construction. Watch out for inaccuracies like badly sewn padding and loose screws, uneven support, and unprotected springs. You can’t expect perfection since you will be looking at a raw sample at the department store but this trick will give you an idea about how carefully the item was made.

Examine the details
The hallmarks of good quality furniture are impeccable sanding and finishing, discreet welding, straight welting and details that hide hardware. The nuts, screws and bolts must be painted in a colour that matches the furniture.

Plan by location
It’s not enough to find good quality furniture. Think about where you will place the piece and what it will be surrounded by. If your chair is going to sit in front of a window, its fabric might fade over time due to exposure to the sun. So, buy one that has a simple print and few colours. If the table is for the study where your boisterous kids also solve puzzles, look for one with a tough finish.


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