How to maintain Rattan Furniture


Rattan is a palm tree belonging to class. One function of rattan is used as raw materials for making household furniture such as desks, chairs or other furniture. The uses of rattan for making furniture has been known from the first. There are good things from furniture made of rattan, but you also must be clever to take care for your furnishings in order to remain durable and look beautiful.

Since it became widely used rattan furniture raw materials, such as chairs, coffee table, and bookshelves. Rattan has several advantages than wood, such as light, strong, elastic, malleable, and cheap. The main drawback of rattan is prone to termites. Also rattan faster growing and relatively easy to harvest, so is considered more profitable than furniture or furniture made of wood.

Rattan furniture will look classic so its use is not lost even though many other raw materials are now used. Prices of household furniture or furniture made of rattan furniture is not as expensive as the basic ingredients are made with wood but has a similar strength. Chair or table made of rattan is lighter and simpler so that it is match if placed in the small room and easy to move.

But for furniture or rattan furniture from more durable, there are things that need to attention:

* Clean once a week. Simply use a dry cloth to remove dust, dust. Do not use chemicals because it can damage the cane.
* To clean the dust and dirt that is on the sidelines, wash with detergent. The liquid detergent should not be too thick. After that, wipe with a dry cloth and dry with aerated. This can be done every 1 months.
* To stay look beautiful, you can paint it when the colors fade in sight rattan.
* Place of rattan furniture in a place that is not exposed to rain and direct sunlight. This can make your furniture become dull, dry and thus easily damaged.
* To avoid termites, you can use a solution of camphor (camphor) and kerosene. Spray the solution on the rattan, or enter in the holes made by termites in your wicker furniture.


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