What is HDPE Rattan?

What is HDPE Rattan?

rattan materialIn outdoor furniture industry field, we usually use HDPE rattan or PE rattan. What is HDPE rattan? It’s short for High-Density Polyethylene rattan.
Why should you look for High-density polyethylene in your Rattan Outdoor Furniture?

There has been a big push recently for the use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) in outdoor furniture. This material is exclusively found in all of Rattan Outdoor Furniture’s products and there is a good reason for this. In short, it has proven longevity and endurance. But let’s get into more details about the material and its many properties.


What exactly is high-density polyethylene? It’s an extremely versatile material derived from plastic but the HDPE we use has additives that strengthen the product with durability that you won’t find in your plastic water bottle. The superior tensile strength and weather resistance is what has made HDPE an industry favorite but it’s favorability among consumers comes with its aesthetic appeal and easy maintenance. Before the use of HDPE in outdoor patio furniture, you had the choice of real rattan or wicker which was gorgeous in appearance but came with strenuous seasonal maintenance along with the added minus of easily being splintered. Plus let’s not forget rattan and wicker are constructed from a plant meaning your furniture could literally retain moisture and rot if not properly finished every year, and let’s not forget the absorption of moisture means the growth of harmful bacteria and other microscopic germs. HDPE took all those hazards out of the picture so what you’re left with is pure outdoor enjoyment and the benefit of easy cleaning with soap and water.

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Rattan Outdoor Furniture has chosen high-density polyethylene as their prime choice of material to accompany their trust strength of aluminum powder coated frames and water resistant Allure fabrics for the simple reason that it encompasses their promise of all-weather protection. Making outdoor patio furniture could be an easy task if you want to just shovel furniture pieces out without a care whether it will retain sustainable on your patio tomorrow, but that’s not the philosophy of Rattan Outdoor Furniture. Constructing viable patio furniture with the maximum strength for all applications and weather conditions mean, using a high-resistant HDPE. The HDPE acquired through Rattan Outdoor Furniture is top-grade and although when you sit on that sectional, loveseat or chaise lounger, you may immediately think comfort, in the back of your mind you can now at the words, lasting resilience.

HDPE has another benefit and that is the everlasting color. Some materials used in today’s market are clay based meaning when the color is added, it will only lay on the top. The color added to HDPE is added into the base itself meaning it is incorporated into every fiber of your furniture. Fading and color touchups have nearly become a thing of the past.


Adding HDPE to the mix has enabled Rattan Outdoor Furniture’s artisans to handcraft incredible designs which will remain elegant and strong year after years and it encourages their customers to become inspired by the future not just the present. Taking current trends to the next level and using innovating HDPE has enabled master craftsmen to truly create cherished furniture pieces that will innately last for years to come.

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