7 Reasons to Choose Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture has become increasingly popular for indoor and outdoor living spaces. From an airy living room to a decorative patio, people are using wicker furniture and accents throughout their homes and backyards. There are 7 major reasons why consumers are opting for wicker furniture over choices such as wood and plastic.

Wicker is Versatile 

Wicker and rattan furniture are typically neutral colored, which makes them very versatile. From a modern outdoor deck to a shabby chic room, wicker fits into any décor. Adding bright colored cushions completely changes the look of a basic wicker chair or sofa. The colors of the cushions and pillows can be changed to reflect the season or to match decorating updates.

Classic Beauty

Modern materials come and go but wicker has been around for centuries. Its classic beauty was admired in ancient times and it remains a leading choice today. Wicker and rattan have elegant lines that add a touch of class to any living area. When people see a wicker furniture set, they instantly think of luxury.


Durability is a key factor when consumers select indoor/outdoor furniture. Wicker is durable enough to stand up to a myriad of weather conditions ranging from extreme sun to wind and heavy rains. The more durable wicker furniture has a waterproof coating. Wicker seating can also accommodate people of almost any weight.


Often furniture is heavy and cumbersome to move. This is particularly tedious when outdoor furniture needs to be moved inside or to a storage facility during the winter. Wicker is lightweight and easy to move. Redecorating and storage is a breeze because almost anyone can lift and move wicker chairs, sofas and tables.

Easy to Clean 

Certain furniture is difficult to maintain. Wood needs to be polished, stained and refinished over the years. If something is spilled on upholstery, it can be stained permanently. Wicker is furniture is simple to clean and stands up to spills as well as weathering. Usually wicker furniture can be cleaned by using basic soap and water or just hosing it down.

All Sizes and Shapes

Wicker furniture is available in a vast selections of sizes and shapes. Add a touch of glitz to a small outdoor balcony with two narrow wicker chairs. Bring the whole family together with a wicker living room set in a large screened porch. From a table for eight to a bistro table for two, there are wicker pieces that fit perfectly into any space.

Fun for Everyone

From children to seniors, there are fun-loving wicker furnishings that appeal to everyone. Children enjoy sitting in a deep wicker swing tied to a big tree. A porch swing is the ideal spot to relax and unwind in the fresh air. Dining sets encourage people to eat outdoors rather than staying in the house. Wicker lounge chairs are perfect for laying out by the swimming pool. Placing wicker seating around a pretty garden creates a backyard oasis where people can appreciate the great outdoors.

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