Some reviews from our clients

I absolutely love this set!! Exactly what I expected. It’s beautiful, sturdy, took only an hour and a half for me (alone) to put together, and looks like I spent double what I did. I’d recommend this to anyone looking to fill a small-ish patio or deck.

By the description, we thought that this would be rattan. It’s plastic. But saying that, it feels really sturdy, and of good quality. It looks great on our deck, and it’s very comfortable.

Very very happy with this furniture set! Much more comfortable than expected, and we’re all big people. Definitely worth the price. Setup was a breeze. Cushions are more comfortable than they look. Overall very pleased!!

I’m so happy with these! For half the price of similar sets I have my deck looking great. Here’s the full report:

Assembly: Made the boyfriend put these together as he enjoys doing that. Overall it took him about an hour to get done. He said it was pretty straight forward though as with other reviewers he said a few of the screwholes didn’t line up exactly so it took a little extra elbow grease. He also had to tighten the screws a few times as the chairs would give a little during assembly, but he said it made the set feel sturdy.

Quality: Visually this looks like a $500 set. It is plastic versus actual rattan, but again doesn’t look that way. It seems sturdy overall and is already getting a lot of use. I noticed many of the low reviews stated that after a year these fall apart due to sun exposure so to combat this I will be putting 303 UV protectant on these while I use them through the summer and then moving them indoors for the winter. If I can get two seasons worth of use from these I will feel like I got my money’s worth so I will keep this review updated once that time comes!

My only complaint about this set, and it is a minor one, is that the cushions are thin. I might replace them eventually but for now they get the job done.

Again this is a great set for the price and I’m hoping with a little extra love I can get the longevity out of these that other reviewers didn’t seem to get.


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